Jessica van der Linden



I have been working at Fortress sinds the beginning of this year. I have followed several courses in the field of Security Management, including the Bachelor’s degree in Integral Safety and the Master’s in Crisis & Security Management. In recent years I have gained experience in the security sector in the field of analysis and research, advice, and mediation.



I am an open, positive and enthusiastic person, a combination of a thinker and a do-er. I feel at home in a dynamic, challenging and intercultural environment and this all comes together in my biggest hobby: traveling. Furthermore, I like being active in nature, readingĀ  and pure and tasty food.


In my opinion, safety is a basic condition for a well-functioning society or organization and that is why I am deeply passionate about this rapidly changing and challenging field. I get energy from challenging projects and I am always looking for creative solutions.




For me, integrity is the basis for a good relationship, both in my personal and professional life. Thrustworthiness, ‘being pure’, and open and honest communication are leading in this.

I believe that within the security branch integrity is indispensable, both for good cooperation and for a qualitative and good result.