Our areas of specalism

Best Qualified People in Security & Risk

Physical Security

Whether it’s about finding good technicians in the field of safety or security, or finding project managers, account managers or business developers, we know where to find the right person. In addition, Fortress is able to develop training courses to fit your specific needs with our knowledge of security. For example, training in project management of complex security projects.

Corporate security

Safety is of great importance within the corporate world. For example when it comes to keeping the Board safe and secure, or caring for employees working abroad. But the protection of critical business processes and company property are also of great importance. We are happy to help you find the right professionals in this area.

IT Security

The digital component of our lives is getting more important, and security measures are increasingly focusing on the threats and opportunities in the ICT field. Fortress has a large network of specialists who can offer you support to deal with these developments.

Fraud & Investigation

In the area of fraud and investigation, Fortress has extensive experience in recruiting professionals and developing relevant training courses. For example, we can help you find forensic investigators and data analysts. Have a look at the training courses we can offer you and take a look at the website of the annual Fraud Film Festival, organised by Fortress.

Risk Management

Compliance is becoming more and more important, and thus the need for a thorough risk management approach. In the field of risk management, we have the right knowledge and contacts to help you identify the risks that apply to you and determine the right approach. In that way, you are able to ensure your risks remain manageable and you comply with applicable laws and regulations.

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