Tailor-made training courses

Courses, Events and Workshops

1. Meet and greet

We start with a meet and greet, where we like to learn more about your organisation, the people who work there and the relevant developments you are dealing with. When we have a complete picture of the organisation and the people, we get into more detail about the specifics of your training needs.

2. Target Group

For a tailor-made training course to be effective, it needs to be relevant to the target group. Who will attend the training course? What is their background? What are their main tasks and responsibilities?

3. Goal training

Which extra knowledge or skills do you want attendees to leave with at the end of the course? What is the main goal of the course and are there any sub goals you wish to achieve?

4. Getting practical

Finally we discuss any practical matters. What is your budget? How many people do you expect to join the training? When and where do you want the training courses to take place?

5. Proposal and next steps

Based on the discussed information, we will send you a proposal containing a concept for the training course. When expectations have been discussed and terms agreed, we will develop the tailor-made course, including finding the best teachers, dates and location.

6. Evaluation

We would like to hear from you, as well as all attendees, how they have experienced the course and whether or not the goals and ambitions have been realised. That is our ultimate goal!

In ons vakgebied is vertrouwen van groot belang. Daarom zet ik mij ieder dag in voor het waarmaken van de gemaakte afspraken.

Vincent Raphaël