Interim / Freelance

Best Qualified People in Security & Risk

1. The assignment

When you need temporary support, just get in touch with us. We discuss the assignment in general to see if we are able to help you in your search. When we believe we can find the right candidate, we schedule a vacancy intake on your location to discuss the assignment and person you are looking for in more detail.

2. The intake

We visit your company and take plenty of time to understand your organisation, the team, the culture, and of course the vacancy. We tell you all about Fortress and the added value we bring – so we know up front what to expect from each other. We ask you for information about the assigment, the skills and competences you are looking for, your budget and the expected duration of the assigment.

3. Suitable candidates

We start our search for the right talents in our own network and extend the search using various external channels. Because of our personal approach and the fact that we know the freelancers in our network personally, they are more than willing to make time to discuss the vacancy in detail with us..

4. Personal interview

Interested candidates, who we feel could be suitable for the position, are invited for a personal interview at our offices (after a first screening by telephone). During this interview, we take plenty of time to go through the previous experience of the candidate, whereby we focus on the candidate’s competences and ask for examples using the STAR approach. We tell the candidate more about your organization and the role, to see if there is a match. We also check diplomas and request references.

5. Introduction and interview(s)

We compile a shortlist of suitable candidates and send them to you with a profile and CV. In the profile we indicate why we consider the person suitable for the role. When you decide to invite a candidate for a first interview at your office, and depending on the complexity or duration of the assignment, someone from Fortress will be present as well. After the interview we evaluate how the interview went. Are you enthusiastic? Then we will guide you and the candidate through the process.

6. Found the right talent?

Is one of the candidates the one you were looking for? Fantastic! We draw up the contract with you and with the candidate. We keep in touch to see how things are going. When the end date of the contract/assignment is approaching, we will discuss whether you wish to extend the contract.

Doen wat je zegt en zeggen wat je doet. Dat is wel zo duidelijk!

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For specialist positions where certain specialist knowledge and/or skills are vital, we work on the basis of secondment. This means that the selected candidate will be employed by Fortress and is send on secondment to perform the assigned tasks for you. After a period of a year (with a minimum of 2050 actual hours worked and invoiced hours), you have the right to hire the candidate, at no additional costs.


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With recruitment & selection, we will conduct the search for the right candidate. When we have managed to do so and the candidate has accepted your offer, he will join your company directly. We use this method for the recruitment of staff functions and positions at senior management and board level. For specialist positions we work on the basis of secondment.

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